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Social Responsibility

Some people may ask why malls in Niagara Falls are turning their attention to issues that happen all across the country. We’re one of the most popular upstate New York malls with millions of annual visitors from all over the world. Because we’re one of the closest shopping malls near Canada and Niagara Falls State Park, we are considered an international attraction. As such, our business affects people across the entire continent.

We take corporate social responsibility seriously at our Niagara Falls shopping mall. Being so close to one of the world’s natural wonders reminds us daily that reducing our impact is important. 

How We’re Minimizing Our Impact at Fashion Outlets Niagara Falls

  • We use green cleaning products at our center wherever and whenever possible.
  • The Center has implemented new lighting protocols that allow us to minimize our energy use and lower our carbon footprint without any impact on the shopping experience.
  • We have reduced the hours of operation for our HVAC system to lower our carbon footprint without negatively impacting our shoppers or retailers.
  • Housekeeping uses water ionizing floor cleaning machines, which use no detergents.
  • Most of our Center’s trash is sorted and placed in two separate compactors: one for recyclables and another for wet waste such as food.
  • The Center has eliminated paper towels in all restrooms in order to decrease paper consumption and paper waste

We strive to be the Niagara Falls outlet mall Canada and U.S. businesses can look to for leadership by striking a balance between economic growth and a healthy environment.

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