PUMA x First Mile: Plastic into Product

Now through July 31, 2020   |  PUMA

Woman collecting plastic bottles, crushed plastic bottles, threads

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PUMA x FIRST MILE isn’t just about turning plastic into product. This is a collection rooted in social impact and human connection—one that threads people together around a decision to do better.

1. Plastic Collection:

First Mile collectors source plastic bottles from communities in Haiti, Honduras, and Taiwan to trade at local plastic collection centers.

2. Collection Center:

Once prepped and bundled, the bottles are transported to a recycling facility for processing.

3. Recycling Facility:

Recycling facilities grind the bottles into plastic flakes which are then extruded into pellets. Caps and labels are removed to prevent contamination from any non-PET materials.

4. Fiber Making & Texturizing:

The pellets are turned into fine strands, then texturized into a soft fiber.

5. Yarn Spinning:

Fibers are spun and further texturized to create a more substantial strand of yarn with optimal feel and flex.

6. Fabric Manufacturing:

First Mile yarn is woven or knit to create fabrics and textures for products that truly empower from the first mile forward.


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